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The One Song Workout app gets up and active. Look at all the features that make this happen.

One Song Workout Info

The One Song Workout app uses high-intensity interval training to provide your body with a fulfilling workout all while listening to your favorite tunes. The creators of the One Song Workout app liked doing the 7-minute workout, but found it boring. You do the same exercises, in the same order, day after day. It would be more fun if the exercises and order were rotated to provide some variety. And music always makes workouts better. You want some pumping jams to get you going. So the One Song Workout app was born!

Exercising to a 3 - 4 minute song is not a complete workout by itself. But you can easily integrate the One Song Workout into your existing exercise routine by using it as a warm-up. Or do multiple songs in a row to create a longer workout. You could even use it for a 30-day fitness challenge by doing a different song every day. However you end up using the One Song Workout is great because you will be moving around and being active, which burns calories and makes you healthier.

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One Song Workout Pro Features

There is no cost to use the One Song Workout. You are able to start working out to your favorite music right away for free. Regular users of the One Song Workout app will find the paid “Pro” features really useful.

The Workout Log tracks all your workouts and displays them in an easy to read calendar view. If you like your workout from last week, just select it from your workout log and you can repeat the same workout. The Workout Log also summarizes your weekly activity so you can see how many minutes of each exercise you have completed.

The Favorite Workouts allows you to easily mark a workout as a favorite. Maybe there is a workout that is just the right combination of music and exercises that you really enjoy. Mark it as a favorite and you can repeat that same workout in the future.

Pro users also have access to modify the settings of their workouts. You can change the length of each exercise period and rest period. After using the app for a while you may find that doing an exercise for 30 seconds is really quick and you want to take it up a notch. Pro users can easily change that exercise length to 45 seconds or even a minute.

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